1.03 - Digital Innovations in Healthcare

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In this episode of BLMK Health Conversation On... we are looking at how new technology and digital innovations can improve healthcare services. From yellow wristbands to blue boxes, this episode focuses on two recent innovations and how they are transforming and enhancing patient care.

Host Felicity Cox is joined by two very special guests:

Kerri Trudgill - Deputy Manager, Elcombe House Care Home, Bedford

James Dawson - Digitisation Project Manager, Central Bedfordshire Council

If you’re interested in Whizan, or you have any thoughts or feedback on the topics discussed in this podcast, you can email blmkccg.communications@nhs.net

Here are the highlights:

(02:26) The impact of new technology in care homes

(04:47) Helping patients to faster, better treatment

(07:17) The Data Protection Toolkit

(10:36) How yellow bracelets are transforming healthcare

(13:08) Using tech to overcome the challenges of Covid

(15:12) The rollout plan

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