विद्रोह डॉट कॉम. Radically Networked Protests.

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Last few days witnessed two significant moves by radically networked societies. Retail investors rallied around a stock to take on a hedge fund management company in the US. Meanwhile, tweets by US celebrities on the ongoing farmer protests in northern India put the government on the defensive. So in the #By2, Pranay and Saurabh discuss how radically networked societies are challenging the State and what the State can do in response.

In the Kuch Bhi Poocho #KBP section, they discuss listener questions on promotion of Hindi and the unemployment scenario in India.

इंटरनेट के माध्यम से जुड़ कर लोग राजतंत्र के सामने नई चुनौतियाँ रख रहे है. पिछले हफ़्तों में ही इस झड़प के दो रूप देखने मिले, तो ये पुलियाबाज़ी इसी विषय पर.

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