Astrologer - Shri Bharat Upmanyu vision towards future

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Son of a freedom fighter, born on 6th September 1959, hails from Rajasthan, India. He got interested in Astrology and the Spiritual Sciences at a very young age and made his first prediction about Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru's death at the age of 5. He got encouraged and started learning Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology and Face Reading by the time he was 9. He started his professional astrological career at the age of 17 and in the past 36 years has helped innumerable people attain happiness and prosperity through his accurate Astrological Advice and Spiritual Guidance. He is the astrological adviser to many business tycoons, politicians and film stars. He believes that in human life there are only three types of problems, Daihik (Physical), Daivik (Spiritual) and Bhautik (Materialistic). And there are only three solutions to these problems, namely Mani (Gemstones), Mantra (Chanting) and Aushadhi (Medicine).

It is his firm belief that human life is a precious gift of God and is ephemeral. One should transcend caste, community and religion and embrace Manav Dharam and its three important qualities of Love, Mercy and Forgiveness as this will lead to peace, self realization and divine life.

He has been actively involved in social and political activities since childhood. He contested the parliamentary election from Ajmer (Rajasthan) as an independent candidate in 1999.

His registered organization Vishwavyapi Manav Kalyan Charitable Trust aims to raise funds and use them for charitable causes like providing education to the underprivileged, orphans and children with special abilities.

Bharat Upmanyu is a film maker as well and has written directed and produced television series entitled "Jyotish aur Moksha" and "Jyotish Dharm aur Darshan" on India's leading spiritual channels Aastha and Saadhana respectively. His dream project on television is a series entitled "Saints of India - Bharat Ke Sant". He has researched on the subject for over 20 years and hopes that by portraying the lives of these great saints from the Vedic to the modern age, he can enlighten people all over the world and motivate them to work towards the welfare of society. A film entitled "Mrityunjaya" is also on the cards.

He is internationally acclaimed and has satisfied clients in Mauritius, Singapore, Dubai, South Africa, London and USA. His column (Astro Talk) in Hindustan Times was widely appreciated and he also contributed regularly to the magazine Desi Life (a Toronto Star publication). He has also featured as an Astrological expert on one of India's largest portals,

He has many predictions which have come true on record including Indira Gandhi's assassination, Rajiv Gandhi's untimely death, Clinton's election victory, the war at Kargil, W. Bush's second term in 2004, air disasters including Kalpana Chawla's death and Australia's World Cup victories twice consecutively. He had predicted that A.B. Vajpayee would become Prime Minister in 1999. Further he had also predicted that Sonia Gandhi and L.K Advani would not become Prime Minister in 2004.

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