Vivian Aronson on Carrying Her Precious Pickle Jar on a Plane

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Content creator Vivan Aronson, also known as @CookingBomb, talks about the first twenty-seven years of her life in Chengdu, China and the most memorable dishes she cooked with her grandmother who raised her. She talks about adjusting to life in the states and what soapy show she watched to learn conversational English. Vivian shares the reason she posted her first cooking video and how she manages and includes her four kids (or “circus” as she lovingly calls them) in the kitchen. She shares the handwritten fan letter that impacted her the most and the moment she knew she had gone viral. She talks about carefully maintaining her famous pickle brine and how she will celebrate its upcoming seventeenth birthday before listing some of her favorite things to pickle. Vivian shares the difficult process of writing a cookbook in her second language and why she decided to make dessert dumplings on Food Network’s TikTok Challenge.

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