Ned Fulmer & Zach Kornfeld from the Try Guys on Culinary Escape Rooms, Crab Doughnuts and Embracing Failure

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Ned and Zach from The Try Guys talk about how their wildly popular channel began and the process of creating entertaining content that explores other peoples’ passions and experiences. They discuss trial, failure and getting comfortable with the unknown and reveal the videos that genuinely changed their perspective. Ned and Zach share what baking show inspired their Without a Recipe series and they talk about their new Food Network and discovery+ show, No Recipe Roadtrip with the Try Guys. The guys talk about trying to recreate famous recipes across the country and why professional kitchens made it much more difficult. Ned and Zach name who is actually the best cook of the four and how competitive it gets between everyone before revealing what Food Network star they would want to skydive with.

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