Orphan Black S05E10- To Right The Wrongs Of Many

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It's been a long time since starting this series and there have been a lot of ups and downs with it, but I am still kind of in shock that it's over now. I wasn't sure how the show could possibly finish the series in a satisfying way when there were so many balls in the air for the second-to-last episode, but I'm actually pleasantly surprised at how it handled everything. There was one major, glaring thing that in my opinion didn't make a lot of sense, but honestly I'm still kind of okay with the fact that they decided not to deal with that.
And yeah, I totally cried during the birth scene, and that's not really my thing at all, so good job, show.
Thank you all for sticking with us and listening, and I hope you enjoyed everything. Hopefully you follow Maggie and I to our next UNspoiled! show together, covering Discworld, which we will be starting in about a month! Or of course you could check out Legion, which we're doing right now!
Lots of love to our brothers and sestras out there. We'll be seeing you.

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