Orphan Black, S05E09- One Fettered Slave

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Welp, listeners, I'm a little bit baffled that the writers made the choices they did for this, the penultimate episode of the entire show. I really can't understand choosing to depict Helena with a child actor who is NOT Charlotte, I can't understand Helena's hair being eternally bleached forever after, and I can't understand the reason they decided to tell Helena's story NOW after all the time they've had along the way.
That's not to say I hated this episode from beginning to end. Far from it, actually, because there are some majorly satisfying moments like when Helena bashes in Dr. Coady's face like a rotten pumpkin. Or like when Art shoots Simon in the Sinister Boardroom. Or even the weird one where Uncle Andrew pulls off his wig, which made me LOL.
But if you'd shown me this episode and told me it was the second-to-last of the entire series I would have called bullshit. There's SO much left to wrap up, and I can't imagine that they're going to be able to manage it in just one more episode. I guess we will just have to wait and see!

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