Orphan Black- S05E06- Manacled Slim Wrists

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Manage episode 308856663 series 3022101
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Y'all, why os Krystal my soul sister? I love her and her ridiculousness so much, and I want to be her bestie and go to spin class with her and have her do my nails. Like, that sounds like the best weekend.
This episode certainly had its flaws, but overall I really enjoyed this one and it was so good to have a bunch of the plot finally start moving along. We find out what has actually been going on with Uncle Andrew (HINT: he's not 120 years old but he IS basically a vampire) and we get a bit of a showdown with Dr. Coady and Susan. The one mercy in this episode is that Susan doesn't have to watch Ira glitch out and die, but poor Ira though.
Meanwhile our other buddies (namely, Cosima and Charlotte) make it off the island in a boat, and Uncle Andrew watches the whole place burn down while Mud discovers the truth about him and gets quite a murderous look in her eye. I really hope Mud kills him. I suspect she's going to die instead, though.
Thanks so much for listening, and I will see you next week!

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