Orphan Black, S05E05- Ease For Idle Millionaires

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Hey everyone! I'm back with the next Orphan Black episode and I have to report that it's one of the creepiest so far, mostly thanks to an insane formal dinner scene.
This episode was a little heavier on the good than the bad versus some of the others this season. I really did enjoy the dinner scene and everything going on with Cosima, plus I am just so curious about what the hell Delphine is up to and how it ties into things with Felix and his sister. What the hell are they up to over there?
I'm less fond of the whole "escaped science experiment" plotline, because it's just so sensational and over-the-top, plus the show didn't give me much of a reason to sympathize with the creature dude and even when they did, it was almost immediately undercut by some violence on his part. Thankfully, it seems that plot thread is over and done with, and at least they made me feel something in his final moments, even though that had more to do with Cosima's proximity than the dude himself.
Thanks for listening, and I will see you next week!

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