Orphan Black, S05E03- Beneath Her Heart

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Hi everyone! Maggie and I are here to talk about an episode of Orphan Black that feels bizarrely out of place at this point in the show, and frankly was full of moments that I could have done without.
The main focus on this episode is Alison, who for some reason is only now starting to deal with the guilt from watching her friend die and doing nothing to help. Now, don't get me wrong, I have no problem with Alison having a lot of guilt and regret surrounding that. In fact, she'd better, or else I'm asking myself what kind of psychopath she is.
But let's be honest, how often do we as viewers even think about this anymore? That shit happened way back in the first season, we didn't know Aynsley that well, and the two of them really didn't seem to have a good relationship at all. There was no sense of loss when it happened beyond the horror of Alison realizing she'd let an innocent person die and that Donnie is the real monitor. So other than the confession at rehab, this whole thing is sort of shunted off to the side, Alison barely seems to think about it, and then suddenly there's a bunch of flashbacks about how close they were and how much guilt Alison is feeling, and I'm supposed to buy that?
Nah, son.

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