Orphan Black, S05E02- Clutch Of Greed

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This episode had a welcome, albeit abrupt, resurrection of Kira's importance and powers. We've all known that there's something weird about Kira, and then the injury that Helena's "bebe" manages to just shrug off confirms that the clones' children (when they manage to have them) are not normal. There's something more going on with them.
It's really hard to watch Sarah do absolutely everything within her power to get her daughter to safety and then have to turn around and put Kira into the hands of the woman who very nearly killed Sarah only a few days earlier. If that, has it even been days? I just hate to see that Kira is so willing to go, and I can't help but wonder if she doesn't have some resentment brewing towards her mom that makes cuddling up to her mom's enemy kind of satisfying. Because otherwise I just don't see this about-face happening the way it does.
I guess we will see what happens! Just an FYI that in the coming weeks, Maggie and I will be recording Legion before Orphan Black, so the timing of episode release will be reversed on iTunes: Orphan Black will be coming out on Thursdays and Legion will be coming out on Mondays.
Thanks so much for listening, and see you in a bit!

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