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This week June is joined by Amy Merrill, artist & activist, cofounder & digital director of abortion pill info campaign Plan C ( to discuss the future of healthcare and abortion access in America. Amy explains the difference between Plan B and Plan C pills, how to navigate self-managed abortions, the importance of Telehealth, and what folx in Red States need to know about accessing safe reproductive healthcare. Deep Divers, Priority #1 is knowing about Plan C. Priority #2 is to share information and take action. See below for info and resources.

About Plan C:

Plan C is an information campaign on safe self-managed abortion, with a guide to abortion pills by mail from all 50 states. To learn more, visit

And find @plancpills on social.

General Abortion Support:

M+A Hotline (, @ma_hotline): free medical hotline

ReproLegalHelpline (, @ifwhenhow): free legal support ( directory of clinics and resources

Aid Access ( anyone can order pills in advance or access telehealth from restricted states

For abortion doulas

Options Counseling: or nonjudgmental after-abortion support:, @exhale_provoice or a safe space to talk about abortion experiences:, @connectandbreathe

Learn about Digital Security at and

Period tracker (Euki) that won’t sell your data:, @eukiapp

To the question June raised about logistical support, before or after the 12-week mark:

For a comprehensive list of all abortion clinics, funds, and practical support organizations, visit

Referral-based service for logistical support:, @brigidalliance

Logistical support at including regional resources, and free flights at

Services for Indigenous & young people

To Donate:

To a shareable multi campaign supporting the future of access

To Plan C

To in-person clinics at ACN or

To support 80+ abortion funds NNAF:

To a brand-new telehealth abortion fund at @abortionfreedomfund

To the repro legal defense fund at

Or contribute to the support orgs listed above.

Join the Movement:

Spread the word about abortion pills by ordering stickers, printing materials or becoming an Ambassador:

Join the rapid response efforts at

Share your story at

Volunteer with your local abortion fund

Volunteer with the All Options Hotline

Learn movement history at:

Help expose fake clinics:, @calloutfakeclinics

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