Ep. 188: The Best Way to Market to Your Resort Community Feeder Market

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How do you market to your feeder market?

We’ve all got strategies to be able to help people find their dream homes!

But when you’re working in a resort market, it can take a completely different strategy to market effectively to your clients and leads!

You want to help them find their perfect home in their version of paradise, and you’ve got to show them that you are the expert they’ve been dreaming of finding to help them!

This week on the Tip Tuesday episode of the Selling the Dream podcast, I’ve brought the man himself, Tom Ferry, here to share his top tips on how you can market to that feeder market when you’re working in resort communities!

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Highlights of this episode:

  • How do you market to your feeder markets?

  • You can have a Zoom meeting, walking people through the process of buying a home in your market! Whether it’s their first home, or their fifth home, offer value!

  • When you’ve planned that Zoom meeting, invite your list!

  • Answer the two basic questions: how is the market, and how well do you know the market!

  • Reach out to player agents in those feeder markets, and invite them to be part of your Zoom calls! Bring in the referrals!

  • No marketing budget required, and you can bring in qualified leads!

  • Join our 2nd Home Agents Facebook group and create connections! (link below)

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