Ep. 187: Terry and Laurie Carlson Show How Google MyBusiness Can Change Your Career

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Can you be found on Google?

If you type your name into a Google search, what comes up?

There’s a simple (and free) tool to help you build your business on Google and be found anytime someone is looking for a real estate agent in their area!

It’s called Google MyBusiness, and you can use it to show proof of your reputation, gather reviews, post listings, and more!

If you haven’t claimed your business on Google, what are you waiting for?

Terry and Laurie Carlson have had great success using Google MyBusiness to build their business!

Here, they are able to help show their leads more about how they are changing things for their clients! They’re also able to bring in organic traffic, and show off their listings to even more viewers!

Terry and Laurie were so great when they moderated the May Mastermind meeting for the Selling the Dream podcast, so I had to bring them back for this week’s episode of the Selling the Dream podcast. We talk about Google MyBusiness, their background and how it prepared them to be in real estate, and the best ways to connect with your audience!

Want to know how you can use this free tool to help bring in even more qualified leads who want to work with you? You won’t want to miss this week’s episode of the Selling the Dream podcast!

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Highlights of this episode:

  • Tom introduces Terry and Laurie Carlson, where they are located, and their background in real estate.

  • The number one key to business success is always learning, and always being willing to test new things.

  • How do they market? They share how they use BombBomb to reach out to their email list.

  • Terry and Laurie talk about some of the ways that they connect with people, including their pie giveaway.

  • Postcards and market reports can be a great way to connect with your warm leads!

  • Build name recognition with repeated contact.

  • Broad connections bring generic results. The more specific and focused your outreach is, the higher the quality of the connection!

  • People want to know that you are good at what you do - not just that you are in real estate, but that you get results!

  • When negotiating, you have to make it a win-win for everybody.

  • Your reputation is important: people don’t forget. Play nice!

  • Customer calls are important - even during COVID when everyone was having Zoom meetings, don’t lose sight of personal connections.

  • We talk about virtual open houses, and how to use them to connect with feeder markets.

  • Use Bombbomb to get in front of your clients! Video helps create those connections.

  • Laurie and Terry talk about how they’ve used Google MyBusiness to establish an online presence and connections.

  • If you google yourself, and don’t find yourself, it’s time to get on Google!

  • Claim your business location online so that people can find you! Use your office address to claim your business location on Google.

  • Request Google reviews from your customers so that people searching for real estate agents in your area can find you, and know that you are the best!

  • Don’t be afraid to reach out to clients from years and years ago, asking them to leave reviews for you! You’ll be amazed at how many will say yes.

  • Get a coach: you can’t afford to not have the accountability!

  • Brand new to real estate? Forget everything you know, and be ready and willing to learn!

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