Interview with Tracy Hooper, the Founder of The Confidence Project

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Our Chat

Every day, for over 2 years, we have all wondered and worried about what to say and what to do in the new world of work OR when we are applying for a new job.

To help navigate interviews of all kinds -- whether informational, phone screens or final rounds, I invited the woman who wrote the book, The NEW Hello: What to Say and What to Do in The New World of Work.

We discussed techniques and skills to boost confidence – from word choice to facial expressions and much more.

About Tracy

Tracy brings a wealth of experience in broadcast TV news as a reporter and anchor. She also built a successful voice-over business with clients including Disney, Marriott and NFL Films.

Recognizing that while part of confidence is genetic, the rest can be learned, developed and strengthened by taking action. She founded The Confidence Project in 2013 to help leaders practice skills to feel confident in any situation, connect with positive impact and access the best of themselves and others. Her Confidence Project clients include Intel, NIKE and Microsoft.

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