E166: Overstimulation & Dysregulation - 3 Steps for Preparing for the Holidays ADHD Style: Your Questions Answered!

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We’ve officially entered the marathon of the holiday season!

How can we prepare for the holidays so that our sanity is still intact come January?

Maybe you want to start some holiday traditions instead of zipping through in a blur by the skin of your teeth?

Maybe you want to enjoy the season instead of drowning in overwhelm after 17 special events, 16 extra desserts, 15 late bedtimes and a neurodivergent kid in a pear tree?

Two ADHD moms in our community asked and I’m answering:

Here are my 3 steps to preparing for the holidays so that it’s a magical time for not just your kids, but you, too. For an actionable plan to design a holiday season you're excited to enjoy, watch this masterclass at no-charge on how to plan your less stress holidays: patriciasung.com/less-holiday-stress

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