E141: How to Succeed when You're Leading Your Family On Your Own - 5 Single Moms with ADHD Share: Ask The Experts Roundtable

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Parenting as a single mom is hard.

Parenting as a single mom with adult ADHD is extra hard.

There's homework, housework, and after-school activities to manage on your own.

There's the pressure to put healthy food on the table every night when you're already exhausted.

There are bills to pay on one income.

And then there’s your ADHD symptoms and emotional exhaustion – the guilt, shame and inadequacy that come with being divorced and never feeling like you’re good enough.

If you need to hear this today: You are a fantastic mom.

And you're not alone.

There are a bunch of single moms in our Motherhood in ADHD Community. Reach out and find your village!

Since I’m not a single parent, I reached out for some help from a few friends.

In this special request (from one of YOU!) episode of Motherhood in ADHD, you’ll hear expert advice from 5 single moms who know the struggle and have found tools to help them thrive in parenting and in life.

These single moms shared:

- Self-care tips for single moms

- How to let go of the perfectionism and comparison

- The benefits of living simply as a single mom with ADHD

- Advocating for your children with ADHD

- The importance of setting boundaries as a single mom

- And more!

A special thank you to the incredible single moms who contributed their heartfelt wisdom to this episode:

Pam McCurry, Motherhood in ADHD listener

Yakini Pierce, ADHD Parenting Coach and Podcaster, ADHD Love

Instagram: @adhdlove2020

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/ADHDLove2020

Nicki Maher, ADHD Mom Influencer

Instagram: @nickimarieinc

Facebook: Homebase with Nicki

Anna Lopez, Psychiatric Physician's Assistant

Instagram: @adhdinatx

Natalie Nolan, ADHD Coach for Divorced Women

Instagram: @ADHDDivorce

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