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In this podcast, musicians Herbie Hancock, David Amram and Jimmy Cobb address the music theory behind Kind of Blue, and how the feeling of the musicians was equally as important as the compositions themselves in its creation. Considered “Modal Jazz” as it is written from a few basic notes that form the structure of the song, it is as Herbie Hancock says “a new use of an old technique.” David Amram expounds: “Miles knew that music from India, the middle east and native music around the world would have a basic scale, and the sophistication would be in HOW you did it.” Herbie Hancock concurs with Amram on his interpretation of this historic album: “Musicians could easily learn the songs, of course the challenge was playing them.”

Songs included: “All Blues” “Blue in Green” and “Freddie Freeloader”

Producer: Joyride Media

Recommended: Kind of Blue -50th Anniversary Legacy Edition (2-cd)

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