Legend of Banter w/ Special Guest Esther O'Reilly

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A veritable panel this week, as regular co-hosts Revs Daniel, Jamie and Tom are joined by bona-fide American political commentator Esther O'Reilly. We talk about GraceLife Church in Canada whose pastor was jailed for a month for ignoring COVID restrictions and is now conducting meetings with his congregation in an undisclosed location. We also talk about elder isolation in the States and ask Esther if everyone in the US is as fed up with Fauci as they are here with Whitty (they are). We discuss vaccines again and update our audience on our vaccine passport campaign, which has now garnered well over a thousand signatures, is being picked up by the national press and has received favourable support from multiple MPs. We check out Edwina Curry's Dolores Umbridge impersonation as she declares that she does not want the great unvaccinated anywhere near her. We also discuss the latest dubious and manipulative misinformation coming at us from 10 Downing Street. And we bid a fond farewell to the Legend of Banter, Prince Philip, talking about some of our favourite quotes.
To find Esther, you can follow her on Twitter and find her blog where she shares all of her unfashionable opinions.
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If you are a leader in a church or Christian organisation, please read and sign our Vaccination Passport Letter to the Prime Minister which is still open for signatures. If you are not a leader and would like to help please send this letter to any Christian leaders you know and share it in your social media channels. Whether you are a leader or not, please write to your MP and tell him or her how much you are scandalised by the very idea of vaccine passports.
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