Lee Schrager on the Evolution of the Iconic Wine & Food Festival

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Creator of the New York City and South Beach Wine and Food Festivals, Lee Schrager, shares the humble beginnings of the festival, which started as a fundraiser, and his favorite festival event today. He talks about his commitment to producing a quality event and showcasing promising, upcoming talent within the food space. Lee shares what separates his events from the rest and how the philanthropic mission of the festival is the cornerstone of their organization. Lee talks about his hopes for the future of the hospitality industry and how run-ins with former beneficiaries of the festival have impacted him in a special way. Lee reveals the exciting things he is looking forward to for the upcoming New York City Wine and Food Festival taking place this October 13th-16th and why he is dedicated to partnership with God’s Love We Deliver and addressing food insecurity. He talks about his own journey through the industry and culinary school as well as his experiences authoring three cookbooks.

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