What does reality TV say about us? | feat. Danielle J. Lindemann

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The shows we refer to as guilty pleasures may be more insightful than we think. Danielle J. Lindemann, author of True Story: What Reality TV Says About Us, takes us on a journey into ourselves.

A few curiosities you’ll uncover in this episode:

  • The character archetypes that make for compelling reality TV
  • Do people care that reality TV isn’t real?
  • The very first reality TV show (it’s almost 50 years old)
  • How reality TV builds community

Did You Know?

For the season one finale of Survivor in 2000—guess how many people tuned in. Upwards of 51 million. That’s the combined population of Georgia, Ohio, Wyoming, Vermont, Alaska, North and South Dakota, Delaware, Montana, Maine, Michigan, and Illinois.


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