#21 Casteism in Indian Stand-up comedy

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Here we are discussing the calling out of Indian Stand-up comics or their casteist tweets along with a sociological questioning of the stand-up scene in India. The podcast also discusses caste beyond reservations addressing certain themes which performative woke figures fail to address.

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For the first time there were three speakers in the podcast.

Hannah is a writer asking and answering questions about digital and pop-culture from an anti-caste perspective. She is the Social Media Manager of She Says India, working to make support groups accessible to minorities.

Kaustubh Naik is a research scholar at the University of Pennsylvania’s South Asia Studies department and is researching the history of Goa. He’s also a writer and a playwright and his writings and plays have been widely published and performed.

Buffalo intellectual teaches at a private university. He is a very important political figure on Social media and always presents scathing and sharp critique of many issues from a Bahujan lens.


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