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Everything you want to know about IRON BOY POWERLIFTING including event coverage / natural strength training / competition / lifter interviews. IRON BOY POWERLIFTING was established in 2001 to provide a quality powerlifting environment where lifters could compete. In 2006 the IBP instituted a substance abuse policy and began to aggressively promote drug free powerlifting. It is our belief that many athletes are in danger of falling into what some call the “dark side” because our society as a whole seems to have become apathetic towards the near epidemic use of performance enhancing drugs. These drugs can cause serious physical damage but also have the capability of destroying lives. We are concerned that this problem has also eroded the integrity of athletics. Because of this we have established an IBP Value System. “Commitment to Values” is not just a trendy slogan at IRON BOY POWERLIFTING. It is our attitude and perspective regarding athletics and life. The IBP is committed to promoting genuine unadulterated fair competition within powerlifting. Strength - We believe strength can be measured in many ways. Although we encourage physical strength and the pursuance of “being the best you can be”, we also believe our values should be strong. The IBP is making a strong stand against the use of illegal performance enhancing drugs. It is our belief that the use of performance enhancing drugs can be unhealthy, unethical and in some cases illegal. Integrity - The IBP stands for and believes in the athlete’s fundamental right to compete on a level playing field. Integrity should always be an essential component of athletic competition. The integrity of competition in many sports has been threatened by the athletes and coaches who elect to use illegal drugs in order to enhance their chances of winning. This “win at all cost” attitude has caused many athletes to abandon their own integrity as well as the integrity of their sport. Equality - The IBP is committed to equal treatment of its members. All IBP members are very important regardless of their status in any respective sport or profession. The IBP is committed to the idea that the “average every day athlete” is equal to their more accomplished counterparts. Every athlete is equal. Honesty – The IBP is dedicated to a high ethical standard. We believe it is of the utmost importance to be honest and truthful in all dealings with each other.

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