Episode 11 Reducing the environmental impact of our online lives - with Vic Stevens

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Usually when we consider being green, we think of reducing our consumption. However as we do more and more online - attending meetings, watching videos, digital marketing and more - we are actually growing our consumption of data!

Data is unseen but we are using it at quite a rate and this has a big impact on the environment.

In this episode our podcast host Jo Salter, founder of ethical textiles business Where Does It Come From?, talks with Vic Stevens. Vic and partner Jez founded Make Hay Ethical Web Design and Green Hosting 17 years ago to offer a greener alternative to website development and web hosting. Vic is passionate about raising awareness and helping people reduce the environmental impact of their online lives.

Make Hay Web Design - https://www.makehay.co.uk/

Green Hosting - https://www.green-hosting.co.uk/

Where Does It Come From? - https://www.wheredoesitcomefrom.co.uk

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