Where Does It Come From? How our ’stuff’ impacts people and planet

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Most of use have a lot of ’stuff’ in our lives - from furniture to fashion. We’re all becoming much more aware of how the creation, use and disposal of these items can impact the people who make them, our planet and even ourselves. This podcast will share Interviews with amazing people who have made it their life goals to make a difference - creating businesses, campaigns and writing books to help us understand these impacts and make better choices going forward. Host Jo Salter, social entrepreneur and founder of ethical clothing business Where Does It Come From?, encourages them to tell their story so they can inspire us with the challenges they’ve faced, the impact they’ve had and their big why. Intro music - rushing deadlines by dylan-darby (from Pixabay) #greenliving #ethicalliving #green #ecofriendly #climatecrisis #ethicalbusiness #sustainability #ethicalfashion www.wheredoesitcomefrom.co.uk

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