Episode 13 - How to be an anti-greenwashing activist with Sian Conway-Wood and Georgina Wilson-Powell

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We hear a lot about 'greenwashing' but what can we do about it?

As citizens and consumers we can all play a role, big or small, in holding companies and leaders to account for the green claims that they are making.

This episode is a conversation recorded for Ethical Consumer Week on 21st October 2021. Hosted by Ethicalhour's Sian Conway-Wood and with guests Georgina Wilson-Powell of Pebble Magazine and Where Does It Come From?'s Jo Salter, the conversation covers a range of subjects along with actions we can all take.

As we approach COP26 there's more need than ever to ensure that the information we're being given is accurate. If it's not then we need to act - from simply keeping up to date with events and asking questions to calling out those who are being economical with the truth and misleading the public.

Here are links mentioned in the discussion:

Ethical Consumer Magazine - www.ethicalconsumer.org

Pebble Magazine - www.pebblemag.com

Ethicalhour - www.ethicalhour.co.uk

Where Does It Come From? - www.wheredoesitcomefrom.co.uk

HM Government's new legislation on greenwashing - https://www.gov.uk/government/news/greenwashing-cma-puts-businesses-on-notice

Advertising Standards Authority - https://www.asa.org.uk/

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