#Replay: Hala on Millenial Investing with Robert Leonard

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On today’s show, Hala Taha chats with Robert Leonard about her journey from a school dropout to a successful full-time podcaster and entrepreneur. They discuss what made her want to turn her side hustles into actual full-fledged businesses; why she chose podcasting in particular; what the most effective strategies she has found for growing a podcast; how she is able to manage her time and balance all aspects of her life, and much, much more!

What You’ll Learn:

  • What made Hala drop out of school, and then decide to go back and finish her studies
  • When Hala realized that she wanted to start building side hustles and how she started a college blog business
  • What made Hala want to turn her side hustles into actual full-fledged businesses and how she was able to manage her time and balance all aspects of her life
  • Why Hala chose podcasting, how different it turned out to be from her expectations, and what the most effective strategies are that she has found for growing a podcast
  • How Hala was able to land high-profile guests like Matthew McConaughey and Seth Godin and what specific strategies or tactics she used to do so
  • All the different ways one can monetize a podcast and how a podcast can be an actual revenue-generating business
  • Where Hala’s business idea to own an agency focused on helping people with podcasting come from
  • What the most impactful thing Hala has learned from interviewing guests on her podcast
  • Why Hala chose to focus on LinkedIn, a business social network, to grow her business
  • How to deal with and overcome failure and rejection
  • How the Law of Attraction made an impact on Hala’s life and business
  • And much, much more!

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