Episode 263: Dan Khabie - Channeling Your Inner Rocky With The Co-Founder of CourtAvenue

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Dan Khabie is the Co-Founder of CourtAvenue, an operating network helping transform the digital landscape. CourtAvenue doesn’t predict the future, they create the future. The people behind the company are literally laying the ground work and pave the way into the unknown. Dan is a master storyteller with a contagious zest for life.

In this episode, Dan talks about one of his most impactful Why Not Now? moments that came when he was only 24 and starting his first company, Digitaria. He tells the incredible story of how he won the business of Digitaria’s first big client & how that moment transformed the trajectory of his career.

Dan and Amy Jo discuss navigating major downturns in business. He shares the unbelievable story of his first child’s birth when his business partner snuck into the delivery room to inform Dan that they were out of cash and didn’t have the funds for payroll. This moment could’ve been the end of his entrepreneurial journey, but instead, he chose to seek out the advice, knowledge, & tools he would need to fight for and save his company. After getting Digitaria back on track, it was acquired & Dan soon found himself running the company that acquired him! How’s that for a lesson on not giving up?

Dan has a unique ability to flip a switch and turn on the Rocky soundtrack music in his mind to help motivate him when the going gets tough. He shares how he’s able to help other people learn how to flip that switch in themselves.

Dan also talks about his newest company, CourtAvenue, which is also home to fellow Why Not Now? guests, Kenny Tomlin & Michael Stich.

Learn more about Dan: https://www.linkedin.com/in/khabie/

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