संवाद # 78: Ami Ganatra on Vikas Divyakirti 'Kand', gives real feminist take on Ramayan & Mahabharat

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Ami Ganatra is an alumna of Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA). A management professional, she is also a devout yoga practitioner, a certified yoga instructor, and a student of Sanskrit and Indian knowledge systems.

In her latest book, 'Ramayana Unravelled: Lesser Known Facets of Rishi Valmiki’s Epic', Ami attempts to address some key concerns: How did his childhood and youth shape Rama? Why did Rama agree to go on vanvas – was it only to obey his father or was there more to it? How was the relationship of Rama and Seeta? Is the Ramayana inherently misogynist, considering the characterisation of Seeta, Shurpanakha, Kaikeyi and Tara? What led to the downfall of Ravan? and more.

Her earlier book 'Mahabharata Unravelled: Lesser-Known Facets of a Well-Known History' brought to light fascinating details and aspects of the people and events in the great epic not commonly known and answered some often-asked questions and clarified prevalent myths.

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