Kaam wali bai - Issues they face | Why we should respect them | Singapore & Swiss comparison

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In today’s episode we are going to be talking about an often ignored section of our society - the domestic helpers. Jee haan main baat kar rahi hu humari kaam wali bai ki. It is estimated that there are between 53 million and 100 million domestic workers worldwide and 83% of them are women. For context, this number is almost the size of Germany’s population and fourteen times the population size of Singapore. Despite its size this section of the population is open to exploitation. Let's find out why and what we could do to help? And as always a new story to touch your hearts :) Thank you for all the love. Let me know your thoughts, feedback, podcast ideas or just drop in to say 'hi' please email me getrealamma@gmail.com or on Instagram @getrealamma Music: Superstar by Soyb & Song of Sadhana from YouTube Audio Library

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