Ep 11 | START-UP during COVID | LEBANON Crisis

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On August 4, more than 2,700 tonnes of ammonium nitrate detonated at the Beirut port resulting in one of the largest non-nuclear blasts ever recorded. Since then the economy has been in a downward spiral. Deanielle, an American lives in Tripoli (North Lebanon) and works for UNICEF. She talks to us about the current crisis and also about her work as a social entrepreneur running Lebanon Digital -bringing remote jobs to Lebanese who have been hit by the crisis. She holds a dual degree from the University of Columbia and National University of Singapore. She shares the unprecedented challenges faced by Lebanese - school closures, control on withdrawals from your bank accounts, crashing currency valuation, breakdown in basic services among many others. And would you start a business in such circumstances and give up your job at an international agency? Her website is https://www.lebanon-digital.com/

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