COVID Impact on Women | Donald Trump vs. Jacinda Arden | Working Women Challenges

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According to the IMF, the COVID-19 pandemic threatens to roll back gains in women’s economic progress. I have been noticing news from different parts of the world on the impact of COVID on women and I was curious to investigate this topic. In this episode we listen to the voices of women from different countries and backgrounds. What are key challenges that women faced during this time? Did they feel supported by the actions taken by governments and the private sector to support women at work? And how has the story differed in countries where female leadership is prevalent? Listen and share your perspective :) Also happy to introduce our new podcast for kids, "BRAINSTORM", where we discuss inspiring people, books and movies. Brainstorm is food for thought and a spark for great conversations with your kids. You can find it on Apple, Google and Spotify. Thank you for all the love. Let me know your thoughts, feedback, podcast ideas or just drop in to say 'hi' please email me or on Instagram @getrealamma Meditation by Anisa, please check out her website

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