Jac Hughes — All about Scrum, when you should (and shouldn't) use it, and how to get started

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Since leaving the Royal Navy about 7 years ago, Jac Hughes has found himself drawn to the world of Scrum and agile software development. He now runs Everyday Agile, an agile coaching and training business based in the UK.

In this episode

  • How Jac got into Agile and Scrum
  • Learning from a wide variety of organizations, from simple to complex
  • What does "Agile" mean to you, and how is it different from "agility"?
  • What is the relationship between Scrum and agility?
  • Picking and choosing the elements of Scrum, SAFe, LeSS, and other approaches, that work best for the context.
  • When is Scrum the right or wrong fit?
  • Top-down vs bottom-up agile adoption
  • How agility permeates the business, not just development, from client contracts to recruiting and onboarding, and everything else
  • How to decide on an agile approach, whether Scrum or something else
  • Does Scrum work when cross-functional teams aren't possible?
  • Biggest misconceptions about Scrum
  • How to start adopting Scrum
  • Does Scrum make sense for a platform, operations, or DevOps team?
  • Thoughts on story points, estimates, and #NoEstimates
  • How important is official Scrum training or certifications?
  • When and how should a team find external help when implementing Scrum?

Book: When Will It Be Done? by Daniel S. Vacanti
Blog series: Story Pointless (Part 1 of 3) by Nick Brown
Podcast: Scrum Master Toolbox

Jac Hughes
LinkedIn: jac-hughes
Everyday Agile
YouTube channel: Everyday Agile

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