Inside Out

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Philip and Bridget discuss 'Inside Out,' directed by Pete Docter and the first of two films released by Pixar Animation Studios in 2015. 'Inside Out' imagines a world inside the human mind. We spend the 95-minute runtime getting to know the world inside the 11-year-old Riley's head. After giving us a look inside the world of anthropomorphic toys, bugs, fish, cars, robots and rats, this film goes as abstract as you can get by identifying five core emotions--Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, and Disgust, with each given distinct voices and personalities. Riley's family has just moved from Minnesota to San Francisco, and it's a huge adjustment for her. These five emotions must deal with the fallout of one of the most difficult hurdles a child can endure: entering a brand-new middle school. Some articles: Follow The ThawedCast: Conversations About Animation: and, Visit

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