A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon

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Jodi and Philip discuss the eighth feature film from Aardman, an animation studio based in Bristol, England. Famous for their signature claymation style, 'Farmageddon' is their latest stop-motion photography project having spent almost two years in front of cameras and is a sequel to 2015's 'Shaun the Sheep Movie.' Shaun the Sheep has enjoyed a healthy career in commercials, TV series and animated shorts, and his second film finds him and his farm gang face-to-face with an extra-terrestrial visitor. The alien, known as "Lu-La" mistakenly lands on Earth after taking her parents' flying saucer on a joyride. She'll need more than a multi-pass to return home, considering both she and her newfound friends are clueless of how to properly fly a spaceship. Released in the U.S. on Netflix, this gorgeous Oscar-nominated sci-fi throwback delights from start to finish. Follow The ThawedCast: Conversations About Animation: twitter.com/thawedcast and instagram.com/thawedcast. instagram.com/dawsondelwinehlke, instagram.com/jodipolasky, twitter.com/hannahsmart, instagram.com/philipehlke. Visit thawedcast.com

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