Episode 62: Collin Morikawa

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This week on the Old Man and the Three, JJ and Tommy switch sports to golf by welcoming in one of the game's most exciting rising stars in Collin Morikawa. In this brutally honest and fun interview, Collin covers just about everything there is to cover on the course, including what it’s like to swing and miss (literally), the Bryson-Brooks rivalry, the difference between golfers out for a check and those who are there to win, his favorite course, and so much more. He then sticks around for an amazing EAT PRAY DUNK segment that touches on golf’s "extra curricular activities”, hidden food gems, his social life, and the one course he would spend the rest of his days on. It’s a gimme… you can miss this one.


The guys start off discussing Collin’s gaffe at the Memorial and how every golfer can identify with it

How different the rough at a PGA event is compared to the average golf course

On the events that took place at Muirfield with Jon Rahm withdrawing with the lead because of a positive Covid test

How some golfers are just our to cash a check and others are there to win

On the difference between pros who golf because their good at the game rather than for the love of it

JJ and Colin set up a challenge between each other

JJ tells the story of taking a golf lesson and having Byron DeChambeau stand and watch him

On leaning into nerves when it’s your own sport but how they can crush you when it’s something you’re not familiar with

When did he realize he was really good at golf and could make it a career

Did he ever have any doubts among the way

What are his feelings on the Bryson-Brooks rivalry

During a round, is he playing against the course or other players

In this age of social media, is he worried about his image and how he projects to the public

How to make the game more fun and approachable to our youth

Talks about the relaxed atmosphere at the Discovery Properties golf courses

What did Tiger mean to him growing up


On the extra curricular activities that accompany the common golf round and whether the pros do the same thing

How does he approach recovery week to week

In a solitary sport like golf, what does his social life consist of on the road

Collin picks his “out of the way” spot to get the best food

What is his favorite normal rotation PGA course

If he could only play one course for the rest of his life, which would it be

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