Episode 58: Tim Hardaway Jr

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Tim Hardaway Jr grew up watching his dad shoot the lights out as a star in the NBA. For most people, that would be a daunting figure to live up to. But not for Tim Jr. Not only has he lived up to his namesake, he's proven he can do it all on the court. On this week's OM3, JJ and Tommy welcome in the Dallas Maverick's shooting guard and delve into his career, as well as the red hot scoring streak he's on, the play-in game situation, what it was like having a dad who was an NBA star, how coach Bud saved his career, and much more.


How the play-in game turned out to be very exciting for the NBA

Is it tough to follow all the seeding possibilities

On the fact that Rick Carlisle still calls JJ “Redick”

Who’s potentially the most dangerous team in the play-in

On the run the Wizards are on and how they are going into the playoffs on a tear

Tim’s takeaways from the last year's Clipper series

On the unique and unconventional ways Luka scores

The crazy ridiculous shots that Luka hits in warmups

On Tim’s hot streak to end the season

JJ and Tim discuss the “8 for 12” approach to shooting

How having family close can help your mindset and game

The difficulty of not having a set amount of minutes or routine

On the difference between getting open shots because your playing with another shooter or having the plays designed for you

Does he have a preference of being a starter or coming off the bench

How did he keep his mindset positive when he first came into the league and got moved around

How Tim credits “Coach Bud" with saving his career

Did he lean on his dad during the tough times in Atlanta

What did he learn from his Knicks experience

What was it like growing up as the son of an NBA player

On the importance of his relationship with his dad

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