081 Build Wealth & Live a Rich Life at Any Age (My son's journey)

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This is a very special episode because I am for the first time talking to my son about his financial journey. But we've never really spoke deeply about what it was like for him to be raised under my wing.
Jeremy talks about how he approached money, wealth and business...and life. Jeremy and his wife Kamie are 32 and 30 years old with 3 homes and a multi million dollar net worth.
At 14 years old he started doing business and seeing that he cold make money and that it would be the key to financial freedom. The two of them also take a month off to live in a foreign country and experience life.
Jeremy and Kamie are an example of what is possible when you have the right priorities, processes, principles and pathway. It isn't about age or stage in life but rather the approach you take to it all.
What You'll Get In This Episode:
- At 15 realizing that making money was a path to options in life.
- Why tension around money and savings is important to your financial future.
- The importance of habits that drive wealth are to create wealth.
- What are the points of control that lead to a richer life.
- How to integrate experiences into finances.
- Why boring is the best path to wealth.

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