Habitual Prayer: Develop a deeper prayer life (Acts 1:12-14)

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Developing a strong prayer life is the topic of this video. Join in our Online Church Service talk and ask if prayer really does change things? And if so, why and how can we develop a better prayer life?

This week we look at Acts 1:4-11 as we carry on our ORIGIN series, looking at the birth of the church and ask why this Man, Jesus, from 2000 years ago, still has a major impact on the world today.

We cover:

⚡️ What is habitual prayer?

⚡️ Stories of answered prayer.

⚡️ How prayer changes things

⚡️ How can we have a deeper prayer life.

⚡️ And much more...

Want to know more about Prayer? Check out: The secret to getting prayer answered - https://youtu.be/PgjipFRXiho

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