An Empire Podcast Special: Discussing The Disney Slate Announcement

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"Who ya gonna call?" "INVESTORS!" Yes, folks, the annual tradition that is Disney's investment call, in which shareholders are reassured that Scrooge McDuck hasn't absconded with all of their cash, took place yesterday, and was a four-hour epic in which the company announced more than 50 new projects to be spread across some of their biggest brands. And, because you demanded it, in this Friday night special, Chris Hewitt, Helen O'Hara, James Dyer, and Ben Travis put their heads together and talk about all the new Marvel announcements (Fantastic Four! Ironheart! Christian Bale butchering gods! The Loki trailer!), the Star Wars shenanigans (Ahsoka! Lando! Patty Jenkins' Rogue Squadron!), the Buzz Lightyear prequel, Sister Act 3, and as much as they can possibly cram into just under an hour. If you want to hear more, you won't believe what we've got lined up for the Empire Podcast Investors' Call next Friday. Calls cost £9.99 per second. Please don't seek the permission of the bill payer before you call. Enjoy.

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