Ep. 195: Ed Eakin Shares How to Build a Global Business

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What is your dream vacation?

Have you ever thought about selling real estate in your dream vacation location?

For many of us working in resort and high-end real estate markets, we may be working in our dream location!

But what if you dream of visiting the beaches of Mexico, or anywhere in Central America?

What can you do to turn that vacation lifestyle into reality?

This week on the Selling the Dream podcast, I’m talking to Ed Eakin, a well-known member of our Second Home Agents Facebook community! Ed provides Real estate consulting and construction services throughout Texas, Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica, Belize, Ecuador, and the Caribbean.

If you’ve been part of our Facebook group, you’ve probably seen and heard his input!

But more impressive are his credentials! He’s earned so many credentials, and they have helped skyrocket his business!

Get ready to be amazed at how he’s grown his business to expand far beyond the great state of Texas, and see how he’s made his business a global success!

Ready to hear about his journey, and the steps he took to get there? You won’t want to miss this week’s episode of the Selling the Dream podcast!

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Highlights of this episode:

  • Tom introduces Ed Eakin, his business, and the current status of his market.

  • Why so many certifications, and being on so many different boards? Ed explains how and why he’s achieved so much!

  • Every time you join in something, you learn something new, and make connections! It’s just another step in getting to make more connections!

  • When we get “back to normal” after COVID, the agents who will bounce back easiest will be the ones who were able to think creatively and adapt during COVID!

  • Ed shares about his markets, and how he is able to work in so many locations.

  • Not only is he active in Texas, Ed is working Central American real estate! Ed shares more about that market, and how he broke in.

  • How do you break into new markets? Start small, and get to know people!

  • Ed shares how his networks bring him referrals, and his credentials bring in even more!

  • When you’re at events, put yourself out there! Don’t hold back, go around and get to know people.

  • How did Ed start his work in beach markets? He recommends picking a spot you like, and getting to know it!

  • Learning about what his potential customers wanted and would be looking for gave him an edge, and helped him be invaluable to anyone looking in that area.

  • Get to know developers! You can be the bridge between them and their ideal clients.

  • Ed shares how he works with developers to bring clients to them to see properties.

  • How do you deal with conceptions of safety? Ed shares his experiences in Mexico, including the one time he got stopped by the police.

  • Thinking about real estate abroad? Ed shares some of the information you need to think about, such as if the property is purchased through a trust.

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