Ep. 193: Dennis Hanlon Shares How to Keep the Fire Lit

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What did your real estate market look like when you started?

Was it just a few homes a year, in a very short window of time?

Or did you find that people were buying and selling year round?

Dennis Hanlon found that when he started, there was a fairly narrow window of time to sell! The prime season lasted for about 4 months for tourists, and the rest of the time was fairly slow!

He saw other areas with coalitions of realtors, and groups that worked together to bring in additional revenue sources for the area, and he decided to start something like that!

The Rocky Mountain Resort Alliance was born, and has helped shape real estate all throughout the Rocky Mountains! Even as far as California and Canada, the work that he did impacts agents to this day.

He understands what it means to serve second home buyers, and how to sell the dream.

This week on the Selling the Dream podcast, I’m talking to a leader among agents working in the second home market! Dennis Hanlon started working in the resort market in the early 90s, and he ultimately helped shape how resort real estate is sold in the Rocky Mountains! He’s been an inspiration to me and many other agents, and I’m so excited to have him share.

We talk about the impacts of COVID-19 on resort markets, how he markets, and his keys to success!

Ready to hear about his journey, and how he persevered in the industry so long? You won’t want to miss this week’s episode of the Selling the Dream podcast!

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Highlights of this episode:

  • Tom introduces Dennis Hanlon, his business, and the current status of his market.

  • Dennis shares about the impacts of COVID-19 on business in a resort market, and how everything shut down in the height of their busy season.

  • After working remotely, there are quite a few people who are realizing that they don’t have to be working in their offices, and are looking for their dream home in resort communities so they can live the life they want!

  • Dennis shares the history of the real estate group (the Rocky Mountain Resort Alliance) that he started in the Park City area.

  • Many companies don’t create tech for realtors like us - so we have to band together and help each other with resources!

  • It’s been fun to start making those connections to help create resources that are helpful for us, and to show them an entirely new audience that they’d totally missed!

  • In the world of resort real estate, many of your leads will self-qualify.

  • My favorite line is not “how much can you afford,” it’s “what is your threshold of pain?” That helps you know what to show people! If you ask that question, you will get some great answers!

  • Dennis shares about his days balancing life as a ski instructor and as an agent.

  • If you spend your time working in two industries, ultimately you will find that you’re not able to do either job well.

  • Tom and Dennis talk about the years in the industry, and a few lessons learned along the way.

  • Dennis shares how he markets to his leads and potential clients. Most of his marketing is now done digitally, with a few mailers here and there.

  • If you do a mailing, it has to have actual information for people, not just telling them that you’re the best. Give them a reason to keep that piece of paper!

  • People don’t have to buy the real estate we’re selling. But we’re selling that lifestyle that they want! That’s why they keep coming back to these resorts and these areas.

  • If you’re in a seasonal market, and trying to find ways to sell year round, don’t be afraid to reach out into the community and help make things happen! Partner with businesses, and start having events!

  • Dennis’ best piece of advice: don’t be in a hurry to sell! People can always tell when you’re trying to sell them something.

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