Ep. 173: Jocelyn Russo Helps You Tell Your Client Their House is Ugly

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Have you ever walked into a house and thought “something HAS to change for this house to sell?”

We all collect our treasures! Maybe it’s turtles, or just knick-knacks that you’ve collected over the years!

But when it comes to staging your house to sell, that’s gotta go!

How can you tell your clients that their house is ugly? Or that their treasures are junk, and keeping them from being able to sell their house?

Jocelyn Russo, a master networker, has learned the fine art of kindly telling her clients that their house is ugly. She’s mastered the ability to help sell houses that have sat for months, or even years!

She’s not only an expert at helping make houses more beautiful, but she’s a pro at networking, and finding just the right connections! You’re going to love listening to her as she shares her top secrets to connecting with the perfect agent for the deal! Make sure you listen to this week’s episode of the Selling the Dream podcast!

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Highlights of this episode:

  • Tom introduces the episode and Jocelyn Russo.

  • Jocelyn shares how her market is changing, with one generation moving out and another one moving in!

  • A lot of her clients come from social media connections and open houses!

  • Jocelyn shares her process for promoting open houses, and how she leverages them to connect with her target market.

  • Facebook events are a big way to bring people into the open houses! Jocelyn will create an event and invite people, and include videos inviting people!

  • Plan ahead! If you post a video five minutes before the open house starts, you won’t have a good turn out!

  • Remember, sometimes it’s not about the open house: it’s about finding the right agent.

  • Networking is key! No matter where you are, you need to be connecting with people!

  • Create success stories from your clients so they can share with others.

  • Focus on creating connections with your network! It’s not just transactional, it’s about understanding the person’s needs!

  • Jocelyn shares about her experience with referrals!

  • When you put in the work to really get to know other agents before you refer business to them, it will show!

  • Jocelyn and Tom talk about the DiSC profile, and how that relates to business.

  • When you understand personalities, and how people think, you’re able to meet their needs and help give them exactly what they want!

  • How do you tell a client what to do to sell their house? They aren’t always ready to hear the truth!

  • Don’t tell people the ugly truth till the paperwork is signed! Share that you can sell their house and get them the prices they are looking for!

  • The best way to start your business is to network your butt off! If you’re a new agent, get networking and connecting!

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