Farming, Creativity and Bronze Sculpture With Rodney Munday

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In today's interview, Lucy Branch, speaks with Rodney Munday, whose work can be found up and down the UK including The Minster Church of St Andrew, Plymouth, Oxford and Cambridge University and Chichester and Worthing Hospitals to name only a few.

Rodney's work is figurative though his range is wide. He has created many Christian themed sculptures, but also animals and commemorative works in bronze. Today Rodney shares his thoughts on his creative journey, his inspiration and his love of bronze.

Join us and be inspired by sculpture. You can find images of Rodney's work and the transcription of the interview at

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Snippet from The Interview:

Lucy: I began our conversation today by asking if he'd always been creative?

Rodney Munday: Well, my creative journey really goes back as long as I can remember. I've always drawn and as a child, I used to make little plasticine figures. And when I first went to school, I was given some little plaster molds for pushing plasticine into for taking...demolding little bits of sculpture really and that memory has always stuck with me and I think when I started making molds for my own work, that all came back. So yes, it's been a long journey.

Lucy Branch: Was it always going to be your profession or did life take you in another direction first?

Rodney Munday: I suppose life's taken me in a lot of different directions. When I was up to the age of about 11, I thought I'd be a writer and from then on, I wanted to be an artist. But I only really thought about painting because I went to a very good school, art wise. While I was doing A level, I was doing life drawing with professional models every week, but I hadn't done any three-dimensional work though the teacher there told me that I drew like a sculptor. I went to art school but I gave up after a week for all sorts of reasons, really, but one I think was perhaps that it came as a bit of a disappointment after the education that I had at school. Then I thought that I needed to make up my mind quickly because for one thing, at that age, three years is a long time ahead of you. I felt that I needed to make a decision as to what I was going to do and I went back to school and it was just in time to take the Oxford entrance exam. I then read English for three years and one of my main tutors was a sculptor which was interesting.

Lucy Branch: Well, that sounds to me like it was meant to be. There's no way around it. Rodney Munday: I continued to draw and paint and started sculpting after I left Oxford really. Most of my time was taking up farming because I was born on a farm and that was my profession for a long time. The sculpture just crept in

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