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Welcome back to the Salty Hunter Podcast. Today we have Craig Van Arsdale, a die-hard hunter who has recently moved to Alaska. Craig moved to Alaska from Eastern Washington to start chasing his hunting adventures up here. In the meantime, Craig has spent time in Kazakhstan and the Caucasus Mountains of Russia chasing ibex.

International hunting does not typically fascinate me, but chasing and Altai Argali in Mongolia, and a Marco Polo Sheep in Tajikistan are my top two hunts that I would leave North America for. Craig was chasing ibex in Asia and racking up many adventures along the way; mainly logistical nightmares turning into funny stories and wacky experiences.

Craig's done everything from being an electrician, to becoming an investor to give himself more free time to hunt. Roll in that he's a hell of a photographer and you can see why Craig has no problem finding adventure.

You guys are going to enjoy this episode, I enjoyed the hell out of this interview. Thank you all for listening, I love every damn I'm one of you.

Here's to the hunt.

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