38: The Biblical Parenting Solution to Overwhelm, Discouragement, Fear & Anger

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Hi Love!

When life gets hard, it is easy to lose focus and parent from a place of overwhelm, discouragement, fear, and even anger. This is why, in this week’s episode, I am sharing the biblical parenting solution to this with you.

One of the enemy’s primary strategies is to distract us as moms and get us to lose sight of Jesus. He wants us to feel like we are all alone, with no help, and ultimately feel like we’re not a good mom. These beliefs create feelings of overwhelm, discouragement, and anger and then manifest in our behavior and action, particularly towards our children.

Tune in to this episode for the most powerful biblical parenting solution there is!

Rooted in God’s love.

Blessings, Cynthia 💖

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