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On this episode of The Dairy Dive we’re joined by someone smarter than us, much smarter. Sara Kvidera, of Elanco, joins the show as we dive deep into the world of animal health. Sara does a fantastic job of explaining some complicated topics in a way that even Scott and Andrew can understand!

This episode is sponsored by Masters Choice.

Welcome to The Dairy Dive, a newly reformatted podcast (formerly known as the MC Podcast) that is dedicated to diving deep into topics that are important to today’s dairy farms. Every other Wednesday hosts, Scott Harris and Andrew Crabtree, are joined by leading industry professionals to fully engage their expertise in unique aspects of dairy, exploring everything from robotic milkers to dairy nutrition. It’s a fun, and sometimes quirky, auditory experience that is unlike anything else in the ag podcast space. Find The Dairy Dive, sponsored by Masters Choice, wherever you get your podcasts.

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