The True Costs of a US-China War for Taiwan

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Ryan McMaken and Zachary Yost discuss new estimates of just how costly a US-China war over Taiwan would be. Things are made even worse by the fact the US is already shopping most of its weapon stockpiles to Ukraine. The US government simply refuses to acknowledge that scarcity exists. Additional Resources "The First Battle of the Next War: Wargaming a Chinese Invasion of Taiwan" by Mark F. Cancian, Matthew Cancian, and Eric Heginbotham: "Taiwan Is Not Ukraine" by Zachary Yost: "Victory Without Battle: A Smarter Vision for US-Taiwan Policy" by Zachary Yost: "Rebuilding U.S. Inventories: Six Critical Systems" by Mark F. Cancian: "Taiwan has nearly US$19 billion in arms sales backlogged in US" by Eric Chang: "Costs of War" (The Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs): Be sure to follow War, Economy, and State at

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