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As an expert in both guitar slaying and heartfelt songwriting, Meg Duffy is a dynamic force as Hand Habits. For Live on KEXP, Troy Nelson details the differences in sound and circumstances between Duffy’s last Hand Habits record, 2019’s Placeholder, and their most recent release, Funhouse, while Duffy describes the experience of making the record within a very fun house to KEXP’s DJ Morgan.

Recorded 02/19/2022.

  1. No Difference

  2. More Than Love

  3. Aquamarine

  4. 4th of July

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1. Full Performance (00:00:00)

2. No Difference (00:00:37)

3. More Than Love (00:03:48)

4. Aquamarine (00:08:47)

5. 4th of july (00:13:36)

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