Six Degrees of Schwarzenegger - The Beastmaster Episode 2

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***Throwback to John's first appearance on the podcast***

Mike, John, and Kevin are back with the second chapter of our BEASTMASTER breakdown. In this episode, we discuss rambunctious ferrets, quicksand, Dar’s problematic approach to women, and try to figure out if Dar and Kiri are actually cousins. (NO BABIES WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS PODCAST, but Mike's daughter Naomi was such a fan of the movie, she had to join in) This episode covers 25:51 - 1:03:43; Dar meets Kodo, Podo, and Ruh, Dar creeps on Kiri, Sharak saves Dar from the “bird people,” Dar runs afoul of Maax, and Seth and Tal rescue Dar.

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